Matt Garza Rumors and More

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July 5, 2013 by Ryan S

Brian Bogusevic left the game yesterday with a hamstring injury, which makes three center fielders in the past few weeks that have gone down.  Luckily, he’s just listed as day-to-day.  Especially with how Sappelt played in center today, yikes.  Well anyway, here we are with some rumors.  Let’s get this show on the road.

Today, Buster Olney said that he thinks Matt Garza will be traded by the All-Star break.  Now, in my opinion, Garza will be closer to a deadline deal.  The price for Feldman was higher than I expected, and if the Marlins can get a lot for Nolasco, the Garza price will continue to rise.

Especially given that once Nolasco goes, there will be plenty of teams bidding for the services of Garza as he will be undoubtedly the best starter on the market at that point.  I think Theo and Co. would be wise to wait until Nolasco goes.  Even if Nolasco nets less for the Marlins than expected, Garza will still be the last great starter available.

His price can only go up from here, so unless they get an offer they can’t refuse, expect him to be around for a couple more weeks.  They’re currently negotiating with the Rangers, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Indians, and Dodgers.

Other Cubs that may be traded before the deadline include Scott Hairston, Alfonso Soriano, Pedro Strop, Kevin Gregg and potentially Jeff Samardzija.  Those are the big names at least.  I don’t see Samardzija or Soriano going anywhere, and it’s hard to imagine Strop going unless he really proves he’s turning it around in his few weeks with the Cubs, but Gregg is a near certainty to be traded, and Hairston could be a very attractive candidate as well.

In other news, Brett over at bleacher nation has written a fascinating piece on why the Cubs have been so willing to spend past their international spending pool, and it’s also very feasible.  Basically, the Cubs can spend as much as they want this year, and there will be a 100 percent overage tax and they’ll only be allowed to spend $250,000 per player next season, but  they’ll still be able to trade their pool space.

This would work out well for these reasons: 1) if they aren’t worried about spending this year, they can outspend almost any other team on good international prospects now, 2) they can go over as far as they want because the penalty is the same regardless of how far they go over the limit and 3) trading pool space for players or other prospects can only be beneficial for the Cubs if they can’t sign anyone with the money they’re allotted.

Anybody ever wonder where Lendy Castillo went after essentially sitting on the Cubs’ bench for all of 2012 because of Rule 5 draft restrictions?  Well he’s in Kane County (Single-A).  And not doing so well.  He’s got a 6.67 ERA with a 1.699 WHIP this season.  This is particularly frustrating because he took up a roster spot last year and played in a mere 13 games. And at this point, I wonder if he’ll ever make it back.

Especially with how poorly 25-year-old Rule 5 pick Hector Rondon is pitching, I would honestly just return him to the Indians and take this time to bring up one of the pitchers that’s having success in the minors (my pick being Kyle Hendricks, who is killing it in Double-A).

That’s all for now, guys, and as always, go Cubs!


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